My name is Ingemar Lennart Isidor Kullgren. It is a bit too long so I have chosen the third of all my first names, Isidor, as my artist name. Let me tell you a little about how I work. Welcome to my work shop and studio.

The first step in the art process that I have developed is to create an original. Fot this I don´t use canvas or brushes. Not even paint. I use sheet metal (copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel) and apply different kind of substances that chemically react with the metal. Then I let nature do the hard work often in an airtight box.

These reactions create different shapes and colours on the metal. After several years of experimenting I have learnt how to control this process. But it still happens that I get quite surprised when I open the lid of the box. Something unexpected has taken place. I love that! And store that experience in my mind for future use.

When I am satisfied with an original I start the transformation to a giclee. A giclee is a high quality Fine Art Digital Print.

This is an advanced process with many steps that need different kinds of professional qualities to guarantee the end result. I use the best there is in every step. It has taken me many years to master all the techniques.

Digital file: Canon 5Ds with 50 megapixels to ensure highest possible resolution.

Pre print: PhotoShop to enhance the quality for printing.

Paper: Heavy weight Fine Art with a matte finish from Hahnemühle, 310 gsm. The world´s leading giclee paper manufacturer with almost five hundred years of experience. A mould made and award winning paper.

Ink: Epson pigmented  UltraChrome HD.

Printer: Epson SureColor P800 using ten colour cartridges. The latest model from Epson for fine art digital printing used by professional studios.

The combination of Epson ink and Hahnemühle paper guarantees a lightfastness for over one hundred years. This is tested by independent institutions and certified in a written document.

However it is also possible to print on other media than paper. I have experimented with aluminum, glass, canvas, pvc for example. With stunning results. Contact me if you want to know more.

I only produce limited editions. This means that I guarantee the size of  the  printed  edition. The buyer can get a Certificate of Authenticity and a special hologram system to ensure this.

Nature´s own palette of amazing colours.