Nature's own magic controlled by me.

I am a Swedish guy currently sharing my time between the center of Bangkok and a small village in the south of Sweden. Living deep into a silent forest, the absolute opposite of the vibrant asian capitol. And that is how I like it. Different surroundings and new experiences keep your mind ticking and your soul young. My life has been (and still is) just as colourful as my artwork. I have been child psychologist, teacher, editor, sailor, copywriter, author, owner of advertising agency with offices in Sweden, Russia and Poland and managing director. Just to give you som examples. But whatever the profession I always have devoted much of my time to visual art. Finally this urge to create has taken over. I am now an artist full time. And love every second of it. Why didn’t I obey this feeling before?

I am an autodidact. And proud of it I might add. With a formal education my development as an artist had probably followed an other path. The lack of traditional skills has forced me to be creative in new ways.

I have developed a special art technique that has been very appreciated.
It all started more than fifteen years ago. An early morning in Austria before going skiing. I looked down on a copper roof. I got completely stunned. The roof was like a giant and marvellous artwork. The roof was made of copper and the metal had chemically reacted with different substances that had poured down on it from above.
Since then I have been fascinated by nature’s own magic and have experimented to learn to control this process for my artistic ambitions. What substances to use to get the right kind of colour? What kind of sheet metals? Application methods? Temperature? Airtight box? And so on.
I now know how to do. But still nature surprises me with unforeseen reactions. I love that and store the result in my mind for future use.

NO CANVAS. NO BRUSH. NOT EVEN PAINT. This has become my slogan to describe my art concept.

Thanks for taking interest in my artwork.