I have developed an art technique of my own.
My originals are created on sheet metal like copper, brass and aluminum by applying organic substances as salt and vinegar to the surface. This starts chemical reactions. Resulting in fantastic colours and shapes that are very different from man made paints.
Nature's own magic controlled by me.
It has taken me many years to learn how to control this process.

When the original is finished I take a professional digital photo of it. Which is then used to produce high quality prints on Fine Art Paper or on Canvas in several sizes.

I don't name my abstract art works as I don't want to influence the viewers perception of the content in any direction. In my opinion it is free floating emotions and associations that make abstract art so fascinating.

Thanks for supporting my art work.

How to buy

I am represented by Saatchi Art. Please go to this website if you want to buy any of my artwork(s). You can choose prints on Fine Art Paper or Canvas in several sizes.

This is a very well known international gallery with secure payment methods and safe world wide delivery. Click the picture to get there.

If you want delivery to Sweden, Denmark och Norway you can can instead contact me directly if you want.

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